First Lesson in Tagalog

I’m planning a trip out to the Philippines soon and want to have some knowelege of Tagalog before I go. A couple of years ago I purchased a license for Rosetta Stone for learning Chinese, and as it turns out it also supports Tagalog.

Rosetta Stone doesn’t always give a lot of explaination of the phrases it teaches, I think this is deliberate. I plan to write about each lesson, researching what I’m learning to help solidify it in my mind.

New Words

Example Sentances

kumain ang babae – the woman is eating

kumain ang batang lalaki – the boy is eating

nagbabasa ang mga batang babae – the girls are reading

Note that red means i’m unsure of the translation, Rosettsa Stone only uses pictures to represent the concept, there’s not translation.

Grammar Notes

In the 1.2 section of lesson 1, they introduced “mga”, it seems that mga is used to make common nouns plural.