Translating a Restaurant Sign

I visited Cambridge at the weekend with my friend, she noticed a sign in a Chinese restaurant. She told me the sign said that this restaurant is Stephen Hawking’s favourite restaurant. This is my attempt at translating it.

The Chinese on the sign is:


Wùlǐ xué jiā huòjīn xiānshēng zuì xǐhuān de zhōngguó cāntīng

I know most of the s characters in this sentence, however there are new characters and words for me. The new words for me are physicist and Hawking.

  • 物理学家 – Physicist
  • 霍金 – Hawking

The translation is:

The favourite Chinese restaurant of Physicist Mr Hawking.


Fixing Code Block Alignment

I’m using the Enlighter plugin for WordPress to syntax highlight code snippets in posts. When using the TwentyTwenty theme the code snippets are left-aligned instead of centered in the post. This is a known compatibility issue for this plugin, and there is a fix detailed on Github.

    margin: 0 auto 1.25em auto;

I’ve already created a child theme based on TwentyTwenty so it was easy to add the above CSS to the stylesheet, and et viola, the code snippets are correctly aligned now.


Wasabi Skin Care!



Weekend Trip

上周末我和朋友一起去旅行。 周六我们去了巴斯, 周日布里斯托尔和滨海韦斯顿。


晚上我们去了Green Park Brasserie吃晚餐,这个饭馆有现场乐队演出。




Meal in Glasgow


饺子: 猪肉大白菜馅 – 锅贴 三鲜(猪肉,大虾, 韭菜) – 煮水饺

包子: 叉烧包


Yesterday me and my friend had Chinese food for lunch and dinner. At lunch we had 水煮鱼 and 麻辣豆腐 , I chose the 麻辣豆腐 as it’s the only thing I could understand on the Chinese menu 😂.

For dinner we had dumplings and baozi.

I also tried bubble tea for the first time yesterday, I had a green tea one.

Today I had a pearl milk tea.


Compiling OpenSSL 1.0.2d on 64-bit Cygwin

Out of the box I couldn’t get OpenSSL to compile on 64-bit Cygwin, below are the steps I used to successfully compile it.

  1. Use “tar xf openssl-1.0.2d.tar.gz” to decompress the source
  2. Add  options=”$options no-asm” to line 913 of config
  3. Run ./config
  4. Change -march=i486 to -march=x86-64
  5. Run make
  6. All done

Note that I had to use tar to decompress it as 7zip wreaked the symlinks used in there which caused some #includes to fail.


Stopping “No Disk” Error Pop-up In Windows

While working on a project that used the Microchip C18 compiler I got this error message:-

If I clicked “Continue” it would appear again instantly, and this kept going dozens of times, the compile worked fine but the error message was very annoying. The drive in question was a partition on my main hard disk, it was not a removable drive!

After a bit of research I found out how to suppress the error message by modifying the system registry. Below is an example of the .reg file I created.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


This will disable all application and system error pop-ups, which may not be what you want so what I did is create two reg files, on disables the errors, the other enables the errors. This means I can temporarily disable the errors when I want.

For more information on this see this Microsoft support page.

WARNING! Modifying your system registry could be dangerous, proceed with caution. I am not responsible for any damage you cause to your system!

I recommend creating a system restore point before making any modifications to the system registry.

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